Retentus ABBy®


Save big $ by preventing post-op infections

ABBy is an extended-wear pannus retractor for post-operative wound care, dramatically improving the environment for healing after surgeries such as C-Section, Hysterectomy or any laparotomy or pfannenstiel incisions.

  • Gentle and comfortable, can be worn for 10-14 days.
  • Faster Recovery
  • Reduced likelihood of infection
  • Less pain
  • Greater patient satisfaction/outcomes
  • Reduced needs for opioids
  • Lower overall costs
  • Fewer resources used


ABBy has proven to be effective in aiding healing and reducing incisional pain for c-section patients.

The ABBy retractor has the same benefits for any patient having an abdominal surgery/procedure performed and needs to keep the pannus off the incision. It is very comfortable, adjustable and can be worn in the shower.


How it works

Watch Video Introducing ABBy

ABBy Video Tutorial

Financial and Patient Benefits From Using ABBy®

Every hospital is concerned about adding cost to any procedure unless there is a good reason. ABBy® is the first product I’ve seen that actually reduces costs when you use it.

Every Labor and Delivery unit has SSI’s. Some studies show 9.8% SSI rates in the morbidly obese patients and 4.2% in patients over 30 BMI. Management and infection control know that number. If that number stays the same or decreased it’s a plus. If that number increased there is concern because of the average cost of an SSI is approximately $35,000. ABBy® has been used on over 1,500 C-Sections with zero infections reported. We also have two clinical case studies of 107 and 170 patients with no SSI’s all on high BMI patients.

One impressive result came out of this SSI Study. When ABBy® is placed on a patient we stabilize the excess tissue which reduces pain instantly. Reduced pain means lower opioid/pain medications, better patient outcomes, and better patient satisfaction.

ABBY® can be worn comfortably for 10 to 14 days. You can shower while wearing the ABBy and wash the nylon and silicon polymer with mild soap and water, dry it with a towel, put it back in place, then do the same with the bottom. You can also remove ABBy® wash it with mild soap and water, allow it to dry and place it back on the abdomen. The silicon polymer adhesive will stick as well as a new device. If ABBy® is removed you may need assistance in putting it back on. When Duramorph is used there is considerable itching on most patients. The patient can peel ABBy® down, scratch the itching and replace back in place.

Tammy J., Manager of Labor and Delivery at a Michigan hospital, has used ABBy® for almost 2 years. Tammy emphasizes that this is a nursing purchase since Labor and Delivery deals with pain, pain medications and all other patient issues. She did the 170+ case study on high BMI patients. She’s had no SSI’s! She has eliminated the PICO Systems at about $500 each. She has reduced opioid use by ½ to none. Patients are more comfortable and love wearing ABBy®. This has resulted in better patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. Your staff will also love ABBy® because of the reduced issues with pain.

Tammy will be starting a trial placing ABBy® on all C-Section to assess the reduction of pain and and reduction of opioids and other pain medications. If you would like to speak with Tammy please contact me and I will coordinate that conversation.

Don Phillips, Great Lakes Medical Marketing, Inc.
Phone: 248-343-4732

3 surgical solutions for panniculus positioning


ABBy retracts the pannus off the incision after a C-Section, Hysterectomy or any laparotomy. Gentle and comfortable, can be worn for 10 days.


The HIPSTER holds the pannus in place securely during abdominal surgery, and removes quickly and painlessly without residue.


Reduces infections, stabilizes tissue, minimizes movement around the wound, and helps prevent stitches from pulling out.

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